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The Beginning of Lumi


Opening a photography studio is a challenging process. It took mountains of courage to me to take the first step for building my own business. with COVID-19 towering over us during 2019 and 2020, I knew this is the perfect opportunity for me to start something of my own. Lumi was merely and idea, this empty space will soon turn into my dream come true. Turn my photography hobby into a profitable business sounds overwhelming, but here we go!

"This is the perfect space" I said to myself. Look at all those windows with natural light leaking through. It took a long time designing where everything should fit. We wanted to keep the space minimal yet functional. We knew that screens are outdated, so we sacrifice some square footage and built in a cyclorama wall.

The whole material selection process took us a long time. But being able to source and touch each material before placing it in the studio was so much fun! We really did put in a great effort for each and every detail in the studio to harmonize as one. We wanted to create something that looks and feel great. All surfaces we chose is matte, and it was especially difficult to make the marble surface matte, but hey! At the end we did it!

Site visiting became my daily routine. Photographers, Videographers, Content Creator & Influencers, I really hope you will appreciate the space as much as I do. We know you have big dreams and visionary ideas, but creating your vision can be laborious and expensive. Lumi like to make it easier for you. Stay Tune!

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