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Dear content-maker,

I know you have big dreams and visionary ideas, but creating your visions can be laborious and expensive. LUMI is a privately own creative all-inclusive solution. Imagine a space suitable for Photography, Videography, Live Streaming and Small gatherings. We'd like to make it easier for you. We'll open the doors for you and show you where everything is for one flat rate. After that, you are free to do what you wish and use what you need. It's like having your own studio. 

For more demanding projects we offer more hands-on approach with one of us on staff to provide you with quick solutions to any of your questions throughout the day. Or even connect you with any professional help that's required to realize your creativityLumi is ideal for photographers, videographers, small brand owners and social media's influencer to help produce beautiful visual content in a professional environment. Lumi is also an excellent location for small seminars, workshops, private classes and private events. 

Either way, we want your experience to be easy, flawless and affordable.


Come create with us!

Lumi Shanghai 

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